Better clinical decisions - more effective patient outcomes

Scalable Health innovative data management and analytics solution synchronize with cross-clinical and patient data to improve health outcomes and increase provider' ROI. We offer a full spectrum of information to manage care effectively by introducing advanced analytics to drive decision making and improve patient outgrowth.

Enhance clinical outcome and greater value of care with analytics

  • Total Patient

    Total patient management solution drives timely, data-driven decision making for the continual improvement of patient's health and financial outcomes.

  • Population & Health Management

    From readmission management to guided analytics, population and health management solution improves clinical effectiveness and reduces readmission risk.

  • Medical Record Archive Management

    Medical record archive solution helps healthcare provider to better manage data and free up resources to focus on healthcare modernization initiatives.

  • Hospital

    Hospital management analytics help healthcare providers to improve revenue, productivity, and quality of care with information from the care sequence.

  • Enterprise Master
    Patient Index

    Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) creates a single patient record and ensures that patients are represented only once across all systems.

  • Patient

    Patient access provides critical real-time analytics information during the patient registration and payment clearance processes.

Healthcare Provider Analytic Solutions

Next Generation Data Management Platform for Archiving Medical Records

Healthcare Provider Analytic Solutions
Healthcare Provider Analytic Solutions

Intelligent Platform for Tomorrow's Healthcare

Healthcare Provider Analytic Solutions

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Applying Advanced Analytics To Patient Profile For Preventive Care

Healthcare Provider Analytic Solutions


IntelliMRA solution provides a platform to archive patient data

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Leveraging Data & Analytics To Improve Population Health

Healthcare Provider Analytic Solutions