Power of payer analytics for a data driven healthcare

IntelliPayer solution is built to support health plans in today's transitioning healthcare environment. IntelliPayer solution implements data-driven innovations for better plan design, proactive care management, responsive member reporting, transparent provider performance measurement and pay-for-performance initiatives. It enables healthcare payer to reduce medical costs, increase member satisfaction and engagement, develop sustainable provider, improve quality of care and prevent healthcare fraud.


IntelliPayer solution platform integrates the full diversity of relevant data sources to streamline real-time information to achieve financial and operational efficiency.

Deliver actionable insights on key topics like claims processing, trend analysis and adjustments to enable effective claims management and monitoring

Provide a 360° member view, which allows payers to manage members more effectively and ensure member management, retention, and acquisition

Increase transparent provider relationships and improve network performance, value-based contracts and claims life cycle


Next-generation data-driven analytics solution to support, patient-centered and consumer-centric health models, and actionable insights to drive higher efficiencies and cost containment.

Advance claim analytics to save claim cost

Seamless and flexible module approach

Elevate your member experience

Early detection of fraud, waste and abuse incidents

Reduce readmission rates by collaborating with providers



Enabling healthcare payers to accomplish purposeful goals.

Increase the efficiency of claims processing, while improving the quality of personnel within the organization

Provide accurate claims payments for minimizing customer friction

Ensure that all your cost-medical and administrative remains low so patients spend less

Enable early detection of fraud, waste and abuse incidents

Payer companies can attract and retain members in order to enhance business agility


IntelliPayer creates a data-driven healthcare facilitated by the convergence of Big Data and technology to offer unparalleled opportunities to make smarter, faster and more accurate decisions. It empowers payers to accelerate their innovation agenda, differentiate their products and service, enhance member experience, and achieve greater operational efficiency.

Member Engagement

A Missed Opportunity


Of health leaders who identify member engagement is very important in transforming healthcare


Increase in medical costs of patients with the lowest activation scores as compared to those with the highest scores


Response rate for email advocacy messages. SMS advocacy messages had a 4.7% response rate


Reduction in hospital admissions among patients with enhanced decision-making support through technology and coaching

Patient and Member Engagement is critical in improving the health of populations and managing chronic and episodic care.


From member growth and retention to medical cost management, IntelliPayer is opening up other avenues and opportunities in healthcare, which includes combating fraud, driving product design, and strengthening quality of service delivery etc.

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