Power of payer analytics for a data driven healthcare

IntelliPayer solution is built to support health plans in today's transitioning healthcare environment. IntelliPayer solution implements data-driven innovations for better plan design, proactive care management, responsive member reporting, transparent provider performance measurement and pay-for-performance initiatives. It enables healthcare payer to reduce medical costs, increase member satisfaction and engagement, develop sustainable provider, improve quality of care and prevent healthcare fraud.


Data-driven analytics solution to manage compliant revenue and improve quality

360-degree view of market data

360-degree view of market data across several payers

Profile of high-risk provider and fraud scheme

Profiles of high-risk providers and fraud schemes across payers

Analytics model for member engagement

Predictive analytics, link analysis and multivariate models for multi-channel member engagement

Alert on suspect entities

Proactive alerts on suspect entities (providers, pharmacies, patients)

Early detection of fraud, waste incident

Early detection of fraud, waste and abuse incidents

Visualization of claim current and historical trend

Deliver timely visualizations of current and historic trends in claims


Get better outcomes with intelligence for tomorrow's healthcare insurance

Claim processing efficiency

Greater efficiencies of claims processing personnel

IntelliPayer helps to increase the efficiency of claims processing, while improving the quality of personnel within the organization

Claim payment accuracy

Accurate claims payments for reducing customer friction

IntelliPayer helps to provide accurate claims payments for minimizing customer friction

Low administrative cost

Lower administrative costs

IntelliPayer ensures that all your cost-medical and administrative remains low so patients spend less

High medical coding accuracy

Higher Medical Coding Accuracy

IntelliPayer helps to detect errors in coding and correct them with automated suggestions


From member growth and retention to medical cost management, IntelliPayer is opening up other avenues and opportunities in healthcare, which includes combating fraud, driving product design, and strengthening quality of service delivery etc.

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