Harness patient data along episode of care for agile decision making

IntelliPatient combines clinical, claims, care management and socio-demographic data into a single view to offer insight into healthcare quality, cost and outcomes. It helps healthcare provider to track diseases and help care team to determine what treatments are most effective. IntelliPatient brings together advanced analytics and care management capabilities to maximize the value of patient information acquired from care providers.


Smarter decisions by leveraging patient data at the point of care

Mobile and tablet solution for population

Intelligent mobile device and tablet solution for population healthcare

Aggregate patient data into single application

Aggregate patient information into one simple application

In-depth knowledge and analysis of data

In-depth knowledge and analysis regarding key performance indicators and metrics

Access to patient, disease and clinical analysis

Access to patient history analysis, demographic analytics, clinical and disease analysis

Track patient care at all level

Track patient care at both individual and population levels

Manage patient care on mobile

Easily track and manage patient care on a mobile device


Greater insight and improved patient care with patient analytics solution

Productivity using single system

Gain productivity with a single, flexible system

Use our single and flexible IntelliPatient platform to identify true care delivery costs and their drivers

Efficient care delivery process

Develop more efficient care delivery processes

Perform sophisticated cost modeling and profitability analysis for both direct and indirect activities involving individual patients and services

Communicate with patients effectively

Communicate with patients the way physicians prefer

Incorporate both clinical and nonclinical information into your analysis to identify patient preferences and predict how a patient is likely to comply

Reduce readmission risk

Reduce readmission risk

Capture and analyze patient data on demand to reduce readmission risk


With IntelliPatient solution, healthcare organizations can increase the quality of care, improve clinical outcomes and reduce costs by leveraging patient information.

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