Unified medical solution facilitates clinical collaboration

IntelliMRA solution provides a platform to archive patient data and move inactive, outdated application data for complete access to patient data. IntelliMRA helps healthcare providers to create information-driven healthcare and accelerate innovation by providing entire clinical information of patients from the archive in real time at the point of care.


Optimize care with a patient record solution suite

Preservation of patient record

Preservation of full legal patient record

Maintain HIPAA compliance

Maintain a full HIPAA compliance

Medical data access

Physician gets medical data access without any technical support

Single platform for health data

Provide a single archive platform for all data

Proper treatment progression

Facilitate proper treatment progression, patient adherence to treatment

Direct access from current EMR

Seamless access directly from your current EMR


Converged medical infrastructure solutions built for patient data storage

Regulatory compliance

Regulatory compliance

IntelliMRA enables organizations to retain and collect medical information to address regulatory concerns and risks

Application performance

Application performance

Use IntelliMRA solution to increase application performance

Maximize patient data access

Maximize patient data access

IntelliMRA ensures all patient data logs are fully accessed throughout the day

Strengthen supply chain

Strengthen supply chain

Deliver a unique patient experience and support to strengthen supply chain using IntelliMRA solution


IntelliMRA is designed to aggregate patient data from longitudinal patient data, HIS, specialized imaging applications in real time.

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INTELLIMRA Healthcare data archive platform for patient information


IntelliMRA solution provides a platform to archive patient data

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INTELLIMRA Healthcare data archive platform for patient information