Provides faster visibility into clinical data to make informed decisions

IntelliClinical is a comprehensive cloud-based clinical trial analytics solution that provides faster actionable insight into clinical trial programs to make more - informed business decision and improve your bottom line with timely and fact-based help. IntelliClinical platform adds agility to clinical trial management that lowers risk while improving quality and compliance.


Powering smarter treatments and business outcomes

Built on BRIDG data model

IntelliClinical data hub is built on Biomedical Research Integrated Domain Group(BRIDG) data model

Build on big data framework

Build on big data framework

Availability of Cloud and self-hosting versions

Cloud and self-hosting versions available

Support SDTM, ODM and other data models

Supports SDTM, ODM and many other data models

Monitor and review clinical data

Clinical data monitoring and review

Centralized trial management database

Centralized trial management database


Clinical development to reduce trial costs while increasing data quality

Improve trial efficiency

Improve trial efficiency while lowering costs

Manage and reuse information stored in a common repository to reduce both development and maintenance time with IntelliClinical solution

Drive healthcare outcome

Drive healthcare outcomes

IntelliClinical helps organizations to drive healthcare outcomes by leveraging existing clinical data

Verifiable clinical information

Consistent, trusted and verifiable clinical information

Get trusted, verifiable and consistent clinical information using our IntelliClinical solution

Improve clinical operations

Reduced trial process cycle times

IntelliClinical help research organization to transform their clinical operations with reduced cycle times


IntelliClinical offers seamless access to your product data without the need for long implementation cycles and large amount of resources.

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INTELLICLINICAL Clinical analytics solution to reduce trial costs


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INTELLICLINICAL Clinical analytics solution to reduce trial costs