Enhancing care management with risk stratification & modeling

Risk stratification helps payers optimize spending and group patients based on health risk. Modeling supports the identification of high-risk patients for prevention, early diagnosis, long-term treatment and rehabilitation of chronic conditions, as well as, the detection and prevention of cognitive decline and the improved socioeconomic inclusion of at-risk individuals.

What we offer

Scalable Health's Risk Stratification and Modeling tools assist health care organizations to develop a set of interventions designed to maintain and improve a patient's health across the full continuum of care from low-risk, healthy individuals to high-risk individuals with one or more chronic condition for greater population health outcomes.

Risk stratification and predictive modeling to classify patients by health risk to deliver cost-effective interventions and predict and prevent readmissions.

Deep Learning to continually evolve stratification tools.

Real-time reporting to identifying gaps in care and knowledge for effective care planning from a population view.

Performance and activity reporting to assess patient attribution utilization, variation in care, and total cost of care.


Scalable Health's client-specific modeling engagements address the unique characteristics of a client's patient/member portfolio.

Deep analytics insights to predict ongoing patient populations ongoing needs.

Actionable insights to plan and manage patient population risks.

Identify high-risk members for earlier intervention and wellness programs.

Developed to solve for a specific patient need using real-time data collected from EHRs, wearables and other sources.

Increase member recruitment and retention – develop member plans to deliver tailored, comprehensive benefits package most appropriate to the patient.

Custom-built to target a variety of patient populations and demographics.

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