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Are Healthcare Systems Ready For COVID and the Flu?

Just as the US, and many other countries around the world, is reaching the end of flu season, COVID-19 takes its toll. If the US has the second wave of COVID-19 this winter, the Director of the Centers for Disease Control, Robert Redfield, has warned that the next outbreak will hit the healthcare system even harder.

How AI will help in fighting Covid-19?

AI can help scientists understand the spread of a virus as well as how it can be managed and contained. Additionally, AI can do this quicker and cheaper than humans can. There is far less room for human error when making predictions.

Patient Risk Stratification to Predict, Prioritize and Prevent Risk

The healthcare industry is undergoing a significant paradigm shift from a fee-based model to a Value-Based Care (VBC) model to encourage innovation, quality, and efficiency.

Connected Health Science: Interoperability Meets Augmented Intelligence

Facilitating the exchange of intelligence should not be an afterthought or a layer to be added on top of existing systems. It is essential for healthcare organizations to leverage data analytics to enable care-gap analysis, patient risk identification, and track operational metrics to drive efficiencies.

Hearing Health Driving Member Experience With Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence can generate precise health intelligence based on the patient's profile to determine the best hearing health coverage, the right provider and assist in selecting the best device that meets the holistic needs of the member resulting in greater member satisfaction.

Cloud Technology Is Transforming The Healthcare Industry

Cloud Technologies will enable tomorrow's healthcare advances. Cloud computing allows providers access to the right patient information at the right time combined with a knowledge base of healthcare best practices and the latest medical research to make informed care decisions.