Improving population health with intelligence

Real-time analytics has the potential to provide a level of detail and precision for populations to track the relationship between care event, health considerations and the outcomes amongst the segment. Scalable Health designs solutions that aggregate and analyze data to provide meaningful insights to meet the demands of today’s healthcare organization.

What we offer

Real-time analytics tools and software develop data models that enable decision makers to design and prepare evidence-based solutions that lead to continuous improvement of the management of population health.

Risk stratification tools to identify high-risk patients.

Customized dashboards focused on population health management.

Intelligence and key performance indicators to detect risks and analyze trends.

Patient data from various sources and provide tangible predictions and suggestions of better care outcomes.

Clinical data and other related data translated into useful intelligence.

Big picture insights to fine-tune treatments while reducing lengthy hospital stays and readmissions.


Data analytics of population health concerns enable a constantly improving healthcare system, collaborated networks and better population health.

Identify and segment the population based on high risk and other factors.

Create, implement and monitor preventative care plans and practices.

Communicate with individuals and broader communities.

Improve reporting and patient-centric care coordination.

Start making better decisions With scalable health