Enhancing patient experience with intelligence

With advances in technologies such as Big Data, Machine Learning, and Cloud Services - the resulting intelligence can transform the patient experience. Scalable Health designs solutions that aggregate and analyze data to provide meaningful insights to meet the needs of today's patient.

What we offer

Scalable Health's Care Management tools can assist health care organizations to manage a patient's wellbeing across the full continuum of care from low-risk, healthy individuals to high-risk individuals with one or more chronic condition for greater care outcomes.

Deep dives for greater insights into patient engagement.

Healthcare-driven dashboards focused on care management.

Targeted metrics patient/member experience throughout the patient journey.

Risk stratification tools to identify high-risk patients.

Timely notification of critical care events.

EHR integration for full-spectrum care.


Scalable Health's patient experience tools offer care management solutions to address the unique needs of the continuum of patient care.

Actionable Intelligence to plan and manage patient care.

Identify high-risk members for earlier intervention and wellness programs.

Address specific patient needs using real-time data collected from EHRs, wearables and other sources.

Custom-built solutions to address each organization's unique care management needs.

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