Scalable Health's Patient Experience Platform helps providers retain existing patients and increase referrals with a technology-driven approach.


Our platform helps simplify the patient admission process, implement efficient appointment scheduling, improve customer service responses, discharge instructions, and automate patient surveys.

Our solution helps providers move from reactive care to a proactive approach that moves towards a patient-centric environment. Using a technology-driven approach, we drive sustainable physician/patient interactions beyond checklists, scorecards, assessments, inventories, and questionnaires.

Benefits & Features
Improve Patient satisfaction

Improve Patient satisfaction scores rapidly for individual doctors as well as group practice

Track patient satisfaction

Track patient satisfaction throughout patient experience journey from pre-care, during care and post-care

Empower employees with real-time

Empower employees with real-time information for patient experience

Retain existing patients

Retain existing patients and acquire new patients faster

Reduce Malpractice Risk

Reduce Malpractice Risk

Admission Procedures
Simplify Patient Admission Processes

IntelliProvider can help you transform your patient's experience by improving the way administrative tasks are performed:

Prepopulate an online form with information from the EHR, billing system and scanned identity documents and link them to the correct patient record. In addition, it can inform caregivers and departments that the patient is on-site and prepare them for the episode of care.

  • Fluid and error-free collection and communication of data
  • Improved accuracy and availability of patient registration information
  • Ensure registration information is audit ready offering enhanced tracking and documentation of decision making
  • Quicker and more efficient insurance verification process
  • Accommodate the flow of paper documents and easily share registration information between departments
  • Facilitate superior patient experience and increase patient satisfaction ratings
Simplify Patient Admission  Processes
Transform the patient experience with technology
Appointment Scheduling

Efficient patient scheduling is very significant and impactful to your patients' delivery of care and your ability to keep wait times to a minimum so patient satisfaction stays high and practice profitability stays consistent. Assist patients when making new appointments, changes, cancellations, as well as sending proactive reminders.

Appointment Scheduling
Customer Service Responses

Give patients 24/7 access to the information they need. Take advantage of the AI-powered virtual agents to automate routine conversations that are traditionally handled by live agents. Here are some of the types of data that can be gathered or authenticated using virtual agents:

  • Customer authentication
  • Customer experience survey
  • Enrollment
  • Caller registration
  • Gift card activation
  • Insurance policy verifications
  • Prequalification
  • Voucher redemption
  • Process rebate status requests
Customer Service Responses
Discharge instructions

Our solution manages clinician outreach post discharge intelligently. You can replace standard paper forms with customized instructions that take into account the patient's health status and treatment plan that patients can access electronically through an app on their smartphones. Providers and executives now have access to much more actionable insights of what brings a patient into the facility - and what keeps them coming back derived from advanced analytics and AI.

Discharge instructions
Automate Patient Survey Intelligence

Patient satisfaction surveys are one of the best ways to gain insight into every aspect of your organization, from wait times to physician thoroughness. These surveys are designed to measure patient experience on a rated scale in order to simplify analysis. Our solutions help you to automate the entire survey processing workflow; from scanning of patient surveys and data extraction to automatic validation and verification of data, while eliminating manual data entry and reducing risk of human errors. Best of all, we can turn internal survey data into ratings and reviews that will give you a clearer view of what your patients think of you, as well as how your organization's patient experience stacks up against the competition.

Automate Patient Survey Intelligence