Deliver timely and profitable member insights. Using our solution, healthcare payers can deliver an enhanced member experience across the entire journey by improving the experience for new and existing members, helping members manage their health, resolving complaints timely and adapting to members' evolving needs.


Virtual assistants, artificial intelligence programs, and machine learning have already started to change how people interact with their health insurance providers. Here are some ways our solution can change the landscape of your organization.

Benefits & Features

A cognitive platform

A cognitive platform for conversations with natural language

A cost estimation tool

A cost estimation tool that your members know their responsibility before they get a bill

Integration of multiple data sources

Integration of multiple data sources to help personalize interactions.


Automate your members interactions

In every industry, consumers have been proven time and again through surveys and feedback that self-service is much preferable to live agent chat. This statistic holds surprisingly true even across age demographics! Many current programs require a customer clicks their way through an FAQ page or the like first, which is the opposite of what they want. Almost 90% of worldwide consumers have said they prefer the idea of a virtual assistant to perusing apps and websites.

Here are some of the advantages that our platform brings to the insurance field:

  • In tests, virtual insurance assistants have produced consistent first-contact resolution at a rate of over 75%.
  • Money spent on contact center staff can instead get rerouted to higher-level staff who deal with more complex issues and questions.
  • Interactive voice response (IVR) systems can learn passwords and PINS when combined with voice biometrics for customer phone calls due to the uniqueness of each human voice.
  • Well over 80% of consumers favor voice biometrics and other security solutions for authentication over traditional passwords and typing, and the need for password resets drops considerably.
  • Analysis of health program effectiveness can easily get considered from multiple different angles, creating a final and accurate healthcare report.

Enhance member experience with IntelliPayer

Patient segmentation is considerably more comfortable and more detailed

Determining the right candidates for disease management programs such as diabetes prevention starts with locating those at risk.

Our solution can help identify people across multiple metrics. Here are some of its main features:
  • Improving the overall health of members of a healthcare scheme
  • Reduce the numbers of claims, especially those associated with unexpected trips to the emergency room

Patient segmentation is considerably more comfortable and more detailed

Managing risks

Preventing and managing risks is the core of payer and insurance work in healthcare. AI solutions are helping by:
  • Predicting accurate risk levels for each client and the costs they will bring, helping to set the correct premiums.
  • Using traditional claims data as well as location data, patient demographics, and others to get the most accurate assessment of risk.
  • Helping provide care based on value rather than volume.
  • Judging risk and finding what will be profitable and what will be costly.
  • Discovering sub-populations within each demographic
  • Allowing holistic approaches to insurance
Managing risks

Boosting Medicare ratings

A high Medicare star rating helps enrollment, and AI technologies can quickly boost this.

  • Text messages and automated calls or e-mails make compliance better without spending much money on chronic disease management.
  • Many platforms can send e-mails, calls, and texts simultaneously.
  • AI can act on both stated preferences and gathered preferences (such as the best time of day to call each individual) from experience.

Boosting Medicare ratings

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