Augmented Intelligence for life changing care

Gain data driven insights to improve your patient's health, while reducing costs across entire health systems. Scalable Health delivers analytical solutions that enable better decision-making at every point along the continuum of care.


Scalable health data management and analytics solutions can integrate clinical, financial, and patient data that help providers improve their patient outcomes while reducing overall cost across their organization. IntelliProvider will enhance clinical outcomes and greater value of care with our advanced analytics platform.


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Reduce readmissions risk and improves clinical effectiveness.

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Enablement of better population health management

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Improve revenue, productivity, and quality of care with information from the care sequence.

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Single Patient record ensures that a patient is visible across all systems.

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Increase payment percentage and reduces errors in the revenue cycle management process.

Explore our Modules

Risk Stratification

Our solution helps providers use clinical and financial data to support an environment that allows them to identify and predict the right level of care and services for their patients.

Workforce Optimization

Our solution predicts patient illness and patient demand that enables providers to anticipate the right workforce to improve care, outcomes, and financial performance.

Patient Experience

Our solution helps providers move from reactive care to a proactive approach to enable them to move towards a patient-centric environment.

Connected Health

We enable providers to be able to monitor their patients from a distance and within the hospital, to make it easier for the care team to take care of their patients.

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