Next gen analytics for integrated case and care management

Our analytics platform enables payers to manage their claims, prevent fraud more effectively, help acquire new members, and retain existing members in a competitive marketplace. IntelliPayer will help you achieve financial and operational excellence.

IntelliPayer solution is built to support health plans in today's transitioning healthcare environment. IntelliPayer solution implements data-driven innovations for better plan design, proactive care management, responsive member reporting, transparent provider performance measurement and pay-for-performance initiatives. It enables healthcare payer to reduce medical costs, increase member satisfaction and engagement, develop sustainable provider, improve quality of care and prevent healthcare fraud.


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Increase the efficiency of claims processing, while improving the quality of personnel within the organization

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Provide accurate claims payments for minimizing customer friction

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Ensure that all your cost-medical and administrative remains low so patients spend less

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Enable early detection of fraud, waste and abuse incidents

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Payer companies can attract and retain members in order to enhance business agility

Explore our Modules

Claim and Fraud Management

Our Claim and fraud management module is an invaluable asset to the claims management process both for insurers and members. As we move into the future, it only makes sense to take advantage of this technology in every way possible

Member Experience

Deliver timely and profitable member insights. Using our solution, healthcare payers can deliver an enhanced member experience across the entire journey by improving the experience for a new and existing members, helping members manage their health, resolving complaints timely and adapting to members' evolving needs.

Integrated Case and Care Management

Remove biases, eliminate human error, and work purely with hard data and algorithmic analysis, to help healthcare payer companies into a more accurate, more positive outcomes for all.

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