The science of member insights to power member engagement

IntelliPayer Member

IntelliPayer Member is a comprehensive analytics solution, which can help deliver timely and profitable enterprise-wide member insights. Using our solution, healthcare payers can deliver an enhanced member experience across the entire journey by improving the experience for a new and existing members, helping members manage their health, resolving member complaints timely and adapting to members' evolving needs.

Business Challenges

Healthcare payer market is influenced with trends of changing market dynamics and emerging healthcare reform initiatives. Healthcare professionals consider few areas where innovation could provide solutions when formulating member-driven strategies.

Data collection and privacy

Complying with new requirements and mandates

Implementing value-based reimbursement

Partnering with doctors

Key Features

Member experience management

Improve engagement and retention by understanding member behaviors

Data integration from various sources

Integrate unstructured and structured data from multiple sources for predicting likely member base

Performance tracking metric

Analysis of the overall program across the care continuum (e.g. number of clinic visits, inpatient hospitalizations, observation, readmissions, etc.)

Predictive analytics, link-analysis and multi-variant models

Analytics model to reduce readmission rate and manage costs

Physician and member level aggregation and projection

Physician and member level aggregation and projection that allow you to answer the most pressing business questions

Profiling and scoring of at-risk

Proactively identify at-risk members using methods such as data mining, and predictive analytics

Business Benefits

IntelliPayer Member helps payer companies to attract and retain members in order to transform and enhance business agility
and increase customer satisfaction

Retain member

Manage member retention and recapture, acquisition

Higher satisfaction

Increased member satisfaction

Maintain member interaction

Assess member experience at every touchpoint

Member engagement

Create sustainable member engagement for better outcomes

Find the solution that meets your need


From member growth and retention to medical cost management, IntelliPayer is opening up other avenues and opportunities in healthcare, which includes combating fraud, driving product design, and strengthening quality of service delivery etc.

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