Harness the power of analytics in healthcare

Scalable Health provides analytics solution to organizations to extract insight from their enterprise data, identify fraudulent claims, and demonstrate the value of evidence-based care. It accelerates the discovery of critical insights from complex data to help control cost and improve the quality of patient care.

Analytics - The next big thing for healthcare payer

  • Member Engagement

    By implementing effective data management and analytics solution, payer companies can develop a strategy to manage member retention, acquisition and recapture.

  • Claim Management

    Claim analytical solution allow payers to better understand and manage critical components for improving operational effectiveness, claim processing, and member retention

  • Provider Management

    Scalable Health provider management solution helps payer companies to promote improved outcomes and cost containment including evidence-based medicine (EBM) and pay for performance (P4P)

  • Care Management

    Care management solution minimizes patient’s unnecessary visits to the physicians while ensuring accessibility and results in improved quality of care

  • Disease Management

    Disease management solution emphasizes the prevention of complications using evidence-based practice guidelines and patient empowerment strategies while evaluating clinical outcomes to improve overall health and quality of life for patients.

  • Fraud and Risk Management

    Fraud and risk management solution facilitates more accurate detection, prevention of fraud and management across the functional areas of healthcare industry

Healthcare Payer Analytic Solutions

Intelligence for Tomorrow’s Healthcare Insurance

Healthcare Payer Analytic Solutions

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Identify, Predict and Minimize Fraud with Advanced analytics

Healthcare Payer Analytic Solutions


IntelliMRA solution provides a platform to archive patient data

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Big Data in the digital era – Driving new business models and results for insurers

Healthcare Payer Analytic Solutions