What We Offer

From migration and deployment to compliance, disaster recovery, cloud design and engineering, Scalable Health can help you to extract maximum value from the cloud.

Healthcare cloud application testing and maintenance

Cloud Application Testing and Maintenance

Scalable Health ensure a smooth migration and maintenance by testing changes and upgrades using real production workloads

Healthcare cloud security management

Cloud Security Management

Manage data security and privacy in the cloud using our integrated healthcare cloud managed services

Healthcare disaster recovery management

Disaster Recovery Management

We can help you in maintaining back up, recovery and availability of data which is critical for business continuity and disaster recovery


Our cloud consulting services provides planning, migration and implementation services to help healthcare organization navigate their journey to the cloud. We help healthcare organizations to reduce costs and increase its agility in provisioning, orchestrating and managing the applications in the cloud.

Improve operational excellence, reduce risks and sharpen your competitive advantage
Enhance network and infrastructure availability, performance, and reliability
Get real-time monitoring, and prevention to detect infrastructure, security and compliance risks
Increased business agility, guaranteed performance, on-demand scalability, and lower IT costs

Start making better decisions with Scalable Health