What We Offer

Scalable Health offers integrated end to end services to support healthcare organization’s strategic clinical, operational, and financial goals to optimize and improve health systems.

Big data consulting

Big Data Consulting

Define your big data strategy, blueprint, roadmap and agile implementation

Data warehouse modernization

Data Warehouse Modernization

Optimize and migrate data and applications from the enterprise data warehouse to the big data warehouse

Big data analytics applications

Big Data Analytics

Development of advanced analytical applications on big data with massive scalability and performance


Scalable Health provides a wide range of services to payers, providers, and other constituents across the value chain to measure the risks and benefits associated with solutions for complex healthcare problems.

Process large amounts of structured and unstructured data to gain business insight
Store, manage and analyze data across numerous sources while making data accessible to physicians
Gain a comprehensive view of patient care across a variety of conditions and procedures to identify important episode interdependencies
Faster, and affordable business insights to help them survive and thrive in the rapidly evolving healthcare value chain

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