Leveraging Data to Improve Patient Outcomes

Scalable Health offers a single, secure platform based on an open-standards and a patient-centric approach to interoperability that leverages data and insights from digital health tools offering valuable intelligence to stakeholders at the point of care.

What we offer

Scalable Health builds custom EHR/EMR platform-based solutions with greater interoperability that can sort through the noise and filter intelligence leading to healthier care outcomes, improved operational efficiencies, and better patient experiences.

Full access to complete patient histories delivering valuable insights to healthcare providers at the right time for improved outcomes.

Dashboard delivered insights to overcome information overload for informed decision making.

Compliance to FHIR-based standards to facilitate the exchange of patient data that is agnostic to any platform or system.

Efficient sharing of intelligence between key stakeholders to drive efficiencies and better decisions.

Seamlessly integrate patient records with third-party solutions for greater interoperability.

Greater collaboration between caregivers for improved care outcomes.


Increased Data Management

Increased data management

Increased flexibility for collecting and analyzing data from disparate sources.

Increased User Experience

Increased user experience

Healthcare provider driven dashboards meet user’s needs.

Targeted metrics

Targeted metrics

Highlighting areas of customer satisfaction, population health concerns or value-based care.

Custom Reports

Custom reports

Bespoke reporting abilities for deep dives and a greater understanding of operational efficiencies and patient engagement.

Interoperability Platform for Providers

Augmented Intelligence allows healthcare organizations to operate with real-time data to generate intelligence to the right parties at the right time to enable the best care decisions.

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Interoperability Platform for Provider

Interoperability Platform for Payers

Interoperability lets payers collect data from disparate sources such as lab results, admission records and preventative care outcomes in real-time. Access to real-time data leads to timely approvals and payment of services driving efficiencies and improving member experience.

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Interoperability Platform for Payer

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